Early Prediction

& Prevention

Traditional bed alarms: By the time one of these alarms sounds, the patient is usually already out of bed and at risk of falling.

Sensable  Care: Monitoring algorithms detect that a patient is likely to be attempting a bed exit.  The system
notifies caregivers in advance so they can intervene to prevent an unassisted bed exit.


Combat Alarm Fatigue

Traditional bed alarms: Research shows that >90% of hospital alarms can be false or clinically insignificant. As a result, caregivers have become desensitized. This may lead to dangerous delayed responses to the alarms that actually require intervention*.

Sensable  Care: Nursing staff can customize alerts to each patient's behavior and care needs. There are four bed leaving alerts that may be enabled: “Stirring”, “Sitting Up”, “Leaving”, and “Out of Bed”. This allows nurses to receive more relevant and timely alerts.


*Daniels, K. (2014). Fighting bed alarm fatigue in orthopedic units. Nursing, 44(9), 66-67. doi:10.1097/01.nurse.0000453007.17772.ec

Less Noise in the

Clinical Setting

Traditional bed alarms: These alarms are loud and disturb patients. It may also take time for staff to identify where the sound is coming from in a large ward.

Sensable  Care: When a patient triggers an alert, a notification stating the patient room number is sent to caregivers monitoring the patient. They are informed, even if not near the room, which patient needs assistance.


Customizable Repositioning Reminders

Traditional solutions:  Some patients require periodic repositioning to help prevent pressure injuries or aid recovery. Some solutions continue to send reminders regardless of whether a patient was recently repositioned.

Sensable  Care: Repositioning intervals can be customized for each patient. The time interval resets when the system detects that the patients body position was adjusted (whether by a caregiver or by the patient). This feature provides more relevant repositioning prompts and eliminates unnecessary activity.


Patient Position History

Traditional solutions:  Caregivers manually record when and how patient repositioning occurred. This method is tedious and potentially lacks accountability.

Sensable  Care:  The system continually monitors and objectively records the patient body position data collected by the sensor pad. Darker colors indicate areas of the sensor pad where there has been sustained unrelieved pressure. Caregivers can review this position data for any monitored patient.


Analytics that empower

Reports can provide a variety of objective information, such as: 

  • KPI Dashboard for Falls and Repositioning

    • Track prevented bed exits to see cost savings by reducing fall related injuries​.

    • Track repositioning activity savings by time and hourly wage, location and shift

    • Review average response times for efficiency improvements and staff compliance.  

  • Powerful analytics capabilities to understand event activities with time stamps and a simple viewing interface.  Data can be analyzed at various levels within the organization.


Success Story

"Sensable  Care System allows us to learn more about our patients' behavior which in turn allows us to provide better care for them."

Karen MacKenzie

Nurse Manager


2017 Innovation Award Winner

Medical Device and Manufacturing (MD&M) West

2017 Innovation Prize Winner

"The Sensable Care System from MedicusTek USA Corp. secured the top spot in the Innovation Prize competition at MD&M West this week. The Newport Beach, CA-based company's technology uses a sensor array embedded in a mattress or bed pad to reduce the risk of pressure injuries or injuries from falls out of bed."

- Marie Thibault (Source: www.mddionline.com)

"This year’s award recognizes MedicusTek USA’s novel approach to improving patient safety, reducing costs, and streamlining work processes by harnessing technology to reduce bed falls and pressure injuries in hospitals and nursing homes."

- (Source: www.prweb.com)




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