the Sensor Pad 

This is how we sense patient activity.  It's a thin flexible intelligent sensor pad that can be placed on most mattresses used in a healthcare setting.  It monitors patient movement from the shoulders to the thighs and detects potential bed exits and repositioning needs. 

the Control Box

This is how we connect everything - hardware to software.  When there is an unscheduled bed exit attempt, the bedside Control Box relays an alert to the nursing station Dashboard and mobile devices configured to monitor the patient.  The Control Box can be configured to flash a red light and play an audible message reminding the patient to wait for caregiver assistance.  Alternatively, the Control Box can be muted with all alerts directed to caregivers.

the Mobile Alert

The Mobile App enables caregivers to remotely monitor patients. It can provide audible, visual and vibratory alerts. The Mobile App is available for Apple iOS and Android™.  We also integrate with your Nurse Call system for those that prefer to use existing mobile notification devices.

the Dashboard

This gives you full oversight and a birds-eye view of what is happening in each room being monitored.  Placed at the nursing station you can actively monitor up to 40 patients in a single view and in real-time.

the Data

Our simple dashboards focus on what's important - reducing falls and helping to prevent pressure injuries due to patient immobility and needed repositioning.   You can unpack data for any level of analysis.



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